cake + frosting flavors

vanilla bean: vanilla bean cake + your choice of vanilla bean or chocolate frosting

chocolate: chocolate cake + your choice of vanilla bean or chocolate frosting

cookies + cream: chocolate cake with crushed cookies + cookies + cream frosting

strawberry: strawberry cake + your choice of vanilla bean or cream cheese frosting

red velvet: classic red velvet cake + your choice of vanilla bean or cream cheese frosting

confetti: vanilla bean cake with sprinkles + vanilla bean sprinkle frosting 

chocolate peanut butter: chocolate cake + peanut butter frosting

coconut: vanilla bean cake + vanilla frosting + coconut shavings

vietnamese coffee:  espresso cake + sweet milk drizzle + espresso frosting

chocolate bourbon:  chocolate cake with bourbon + chocolate frosting + ganache drizzle

churro:  vanilla-cinnamon cake + crushed cinnamon cereal + cinnamon frosting

s'mores:  chocolate cake + crushed graham cracker + marshmallow frosting

white chocolate raspberry:  vanilla-raspberry cake + white chocolate chips + white chocolate frosting

yellow butter:  butter cake + your choice of vanilla bean or chocolate frosting

carrot:  carrot cake with candied pecans + your choice of vanilla bean or cream cheese frosting

german chocolate:  chocolate cake + coconut pecan filling + chocolate frosting

pumpkin: pumpkin cake + pumpkin spice frosting + spice dust

lemon: lemon cake + vanilla bean frosting

chocolate chip cookie:  vanilla cake with chocolate chips + cookie frosting + cookie crumble

nutella:  chocolate cake + nutella frosting + hazelnut crumble

fairy dust:  vanilla rainbow cake + rainbow swirl frosting + fairy glitter dust

lemon poppyseed:  lemon poppyseed cake + vanilla frosting + poppyseed sprinkle

circus cookie:  vanilla cake  + circus cookie frosting + circus cookies on top

marble:  vanilla-chocolate swirl cake + vanilla-chocolate swirl frosting

pandan coconut: pandan sponge cake infused with coconut + vanilla bean frosting

chocolate caramel:  chocolate cake + chocolate frosting + caramel drizzle

egg free, nut free, keto, gluten free, paleo, etc. flavors are available. all equipment is thoroughly cleaned after each use, but please keep in mind that cakes are prepared in a kitchen that has at one point been in contact with tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, soy, eggs and wheat

macaron flavors

vanilla: vanilla bean mac + vanilla bean frosting

chocolate: chocolate mac + chocolate frosting or chocolate ganache

white chocolate: vanilla mac + white choc ganache

vietnamese coffee: espresso mac + sweet milk frosting

strawberry: strawberry mac + strawberry jam

raspberry: raspberry mac + raspberry jam

lemon: lemon mac + lemon preserves

confetti: vanilla mac + sprinkle frosting

cookies + cream: cc mac + cc frosting

chocolate peanut butter: chocolate mac + peanut butter frosting

pandan: pandan mac + coconut frosting

churro: cinnamon mac + cinnamon frosting

smores: chocolate mac + marshmallow graham frosting

german chocolate: choc mac + coconut filling

chocolate caramel: choc mac + caramel filling

nutella: chocolate mac + nutella filling

white choc raspberry: vanilla mac + white choc rasp filling

cakesicle flavors

available in any cake + frosting flavor listed + dipped in your choice of white, milk or dark chocolate. 

jumbo cookies

chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, white chocolate macadamia nut, peanut butter chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, m&m 

10" pies

pumpkin, chess, chocolate chess, chocolate chip, pecan, chocolate chip pecan, chocolate chip bourbon pecan, apple, fudge

brownies + blondies

gooey fudge chocolate chip brownie, chocolate chip caramel brownie, white chocolate chip blondie, oatmeal chocolate chip blondie, peanut butter white chocolate chip blondie, pandan white chocolate coconut blondie