bailee nguyen | wife, mom, self taught cake designer + baker


thank you for stopping by simplee frosted.  the word "simplee" comes from my name bailee + also my philosophy that the simplest things can be the most beautiful.  i love creating desserts of all kinds, but sometimes the ones that are simplee frosted are the most striking.  sf are also my daughter's initials.

my love of baking + anything sweet began as a little girl.  now, i have my own little girl that enjoys baking too. for me, designing desserts combines my love for details, decorating, parties and art all in one.  each dessert is made with extra love + care in my home kitchen.  i am a perfectionist by nature, so i make sure that everything i create is something i am proud to have my name on + you would be proud to have at your special event.  

i am a nashville native.  i have a deep love for my city + i am proud to call it home.  i live here with my husband, two daughters + dachshund. my home away from home is san diego, where my husband was born.  we love visiting our family there + eating burritos any chance we get.

i enjoy hosting parties, traveling, spending time with my family, singing, baking, sushi + lets not forget starbucks + target.